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InPlace Comprehensive Treatment Options provide patients with implant-retained overdentures, which have been recognized by dental clinicians across the globe as an ideal treatment option for edentulism. Millions of patients world-wide have discovered the life changing advantages implant-retained overdentures can offer.

Custom Solutions That Fit Your Needs

 Implant Retained Denture(Removable)

  • Snaps in Place & Won’t Move
  • No Adhesive
  • Freedom to Eat in Comfort

Implant Support Denture(Only Dentist Can Remove)

  • Screwed in Place
  • Freedom to eat in comfort
  • Don’t have to take out

Implant Bridge

  • Cement Retained
  • Never is taken out
  • Most Esthetic
  • Must be a candidate (speak with doctor)

Keep Your Teeth InPlace.

Contact us today to see just how life-changing and affordable implant-retained overdentures can be with InPlace Comprehensive Treatment Options.



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